Quiz – Siman 96

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 096

If one only remembered to say "atah chonantanu" immediately after completing the bracha of "atah chonein", what should he do?

Why do we say "Vihi Noam" on motzai shabbos?

Which tefillah is not applicable to a week in which there is a yom tov?

Yitzchak enjoyed  his 3rd meal late into the night of Motzai Shabbos. Should Yitzchak drink the cup of wine that he and his colleagues made birkas hamazon on?

If someone ate food before havdalah...

With which hand should the one making havdoloh hold the cup of wine while making a bracha on besamim?

What should one do for the bracha of "meorei ha'aish" (check all correct answers)?

If one inadvertently made a bracha of "meorei ha'aish" before "minai besamim", and immediately corrected himself and said "Borei minei besamim", was he yotzei?

Why do we mention Eliyahu Hanavi after Shabbos?

Yaakov made havdalah in shul. Upon arriving home, his wife told him that she didn't hear havadalah yet....

It's Tuesday morning and Adam just realized that he forgot to make havdalah. What should he do?

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