Quiz – Siman 211

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 211

In what circumstance could a mourner not miss a day of wearing teffilin?

Which of the following  clean items may a mourner use to honor Shabbos?

What is the custom regarding a mourner's use of clothing which was freshly washed in water (without soap) during  the 8th-30th days of mourning?

During the first week of mourning, a mourner's undershirt reeked of sweat. What may he do?

If a mourner, during the later days of mourning, requires new clothing, for approximately how many long must someone else wear the fresh clothing before the mourner may?

Yaakov had a unusual medical condition which caused his hair to grow very rapidly. After a mere two weeks of mourning for his deceased father, his hair was extremely long. When may he cut his hair?

What are the requirements for a mourner's seat-change in shul?

May a healthy, regular mourner sit on a regular pillow on the floor during his first day of mourning?

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