Quiz – Siman 91

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 091

May someone with a mild headache ask a non-Jew to help cure him?

May someone with throat pain gargle honey-sweetened tea?

On the island of Pukapuka it is common for people to pour oil on their heads for pleasure. May someone on Pukapuka pour oil on a rash on his head?

May someone with a stomach ache wear heated clothing to ease the pain?

If someone cut his hand deeply with a metal blade on Shabbos, he may:

If someone is suffering from overeating, he may:

If one bandaged a blister before Shabbos, and on Shabbos the bandage falls off, what may he do?

May someone place a yellow cloth on a bleeding wound on Shabbos?

Is someone has a pus-filled blister on the sole of his foot which is causing him pain, he may:

Is removing a splinter on Shabbos a violation of prohibition of "healing" on Shabbos?

Shimon feels very sick. He can move around the house, but feels completely weakened by his sickness.  He would like Reuven to bring him some pillows from a rishus hayachid to a karmelis (an issur d'rabbanan). Is this permitted to be done in a normal fashion?

May one vaccinate his children against dangerous diseases if it can only be done on Shabbos?

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