Quiz – Siman 90

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 090

What do we learn from the three words וכבדתו מעשות דרכיך?

What do we learn from ממצוא חפצף?

The prohibition of being "מחשיך על התחום" is:

May one calculate the expenses of his business which closed down 5 years ago, purely for the sake of reviewing memories?

May one (on Shabbos) think about the wage he must pay his worker during the week?

May one discuss his business affairs on Shabbos?

May one read a history book on Shabbos?

Asking a non-Jew to do work for you on Shabbos is a:

Reuven worked for Joe (the non-Jew) during the week, and Joe came knocking at his door on Shabbos to pay him $10 of wheat bundles. Under what circumstances may Reuven allow Joe to fill up his storage room with the wheat?

May a Jew ask a non-Jew to light a yartzeit candle on his behalf during Shabbos?

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