Quiz – Siman 89

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 089

While cleaning his room before Shabbos, Reuven put away his pair of teffilin on a stool next to his bed. During Shabbos, a non-Jewish neighbor moved the teffilin to a shelf. Later that Shabbos, Reuven has a guest over at his home, and wanted to move the stool to make space for his guest to sit. Reuven...

What if Reuven planned on his non-Jewish friend to move the teffilin during Shabbos ; may he move the stool to make room for his guest?

What if (in this last scenario) Reuven really, really needed to move the stool - would that make it okay?

Shimon would like to move his reading desk to a different room where there's more light to read. Inside one of the drawers is an expensive drill. May he move the desk?

Shimon placed his favorite hammer on his table planning to have it be there all Shabbos. During the night, his non-Jewish friend came and moved his hammer from the table. May Shimon now move the table?

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