Quiz – Siman 88

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 088

Which of the following may one not handle on Shabbos?

A Jew may not handle treif meat in the following circumstance:

Which of the following may be handled on Shabbos?

A person may move a hammer for...

Dan the jeweler owns a platinum fork which he hopes to sell for over $5000! Dan would never lend it out - except for that one time when Reuven (his best friend) asked for it, and that other time when his rebbi asked to borrow it to eat dinner...

May a Jew move a pot on Shabbos for absolutely no reason?

May Levi the farmer move wooden beams on Shabbos?

May one touch muktzah without moving it?

Levi's child was running out of the farm while holding a coin. Levi...

May one tie the jaw of a corpse on Shabbos?

May a corpse inside of a burning house be moved to a rishus harabim on Shabbos?

May one move an empty bedpan on Shabbos?

During a hurricane, Naftali's gutters were shooting water into his beloved rose garden. May Naftali place a bucket in the garden to catch the water?

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