Quiz – Siman 87

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 087

Levi was sitting under an oak tree in his farm when suddenly he noticed Betsy the cow running out of the farm (for the 10th time!) with a cup on its back! Levi....

May Levi take Betsy on a walk with a rope around its neck?

May Levi put an unstrapped saddle on his donkey's back (to protect it from the cold) on Shabbos as they roam around the country?

Levi noticed his donkey jumping wildly, trying to have its saddle fall of its back. Upon further inspection, Levi noticed that the saddle had a sharp protrusion which was hurting the donkey. May Levi remove the saddle from the donkey?

When may Levi allow his cow to walk around with a bell on Shabbos?

Levi wants to walk his horse around town on Shabbos. He must...

May Levi let his horse graze in the field with its hind legs tied together (to prevent it from running away) on Shabbos?

May Levi allow his non-Jewish servant to ride his horse with a saddle?

May Levi allow his non-Jewish servant to ride his horse without a saddle?

Betsy the cow was in pain due to lack of being milked. What can Levi do to help?

What can Levi do with that milk?

Before Shabbos, Levi added water to the bran that he would feed the chicken with on Shabbos. May he mix the bran and the water better on Shabbos?

Should one feed birds on Shabbos Shirah?

May a Jew feed a non-Jew on Shabbos?

Chicky the chicken tends to leave its cage when it can. One Shabbos, Yehuda accidentally knocked open the door to Chicky's cage. Before Chicky noticed it was opened, Yehuda closed it. Yehuda... 

Betsy the cow is about to have a baby! Can Levi help deliver the baby so that it doesn't fall on the floor?

After the birth, Levi noticed a week-old wound on Betsy's leg. May Levi place oil on the wound?

Betsy ate too much food last Shabbos, and was mooing in pain. Levi...

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