Quiz – Siman 86

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 086

Reuven fell into a muddy yard on shabbos. His arms and legs are very dirty. How can he clean himself?

Shimon enjoys bathing in natural hot springs. On his trip through the tropics, he found a hot spring that flowed directly into a pool. May he bathe his whole body there on Shabbos?

Why is it forbidden for one to heat his wet hands by a fire on Shabbos?

May one send a empty bottle to float in a pond on Shabbos? (Disregard Eiruvin issues)

Practically speaking, may a man be tovel for keri on Shabbos?

May a person carry from one karmelis to another in a place without an eiruv?

May one dry his hands in flour, thereby creating a doughy substance?

In Tiveria, there is a hot spring which is exclusively bathed in for medicinal purposes. May one bathe there for a mere second for medicinal purposes?

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