Quiz – Siman 85

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 085

If a fire erupts on shabbos in 123 Main Street, may its residents open a sheet, place as much food as they'd like into the sheet, and carry it out at one time?

How may the neighbors on 125 Main Street remove excess amounts of food from their home out of concern that their own home may catch fire?

Reuven's house caught on fire on shabbos. Reuven announced that everything in his house was hefker, so Shimon came and took a  huge pot roast straight from the oven. After shabbos, Shimon returned the pot roast to Reuven. May Shimon ask Reuven to be paid for returning the pot roast?

Back in 125 Main Street (the nieghbors), one of the residents wanted to save his great grandmother's platinum coin collection from the fire. May he do so?

May one save a sefer from a fire and bring it into a chatzer which requires eiruvey chatzeiros, but did not have it done out of forgetfulness?

A fire erupted in Levi's home one Friday night, and he was unable to awaken his roommates. In his haste to extinguish the fire to save his roommates, he also moved a muktzah object. What should he do?

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