Quiz – Siman 84

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 084

May a person walk out to rishus harabim with a pin (no holes)  holding together the knot of one's coat?

Should one wear a watch into rishus harabim on shabbos?

Wearing a covering on one's hat is:

May a blind man walk with a stick in rishus harabim on shabbos?

With which of the following may a person go into rishus harabim with?

May a girl raise her skirt a little to pass through a muddy sidewalk?

May one wear two shirts / pants / hats on in a rishus harabim?

May one wear gloves in rishus harabim on shabbos?

May one wear a tallis folded around his neck on shabbos?

If one strap of one's coat fell off and the coat remains with one useless strap, may that coat be worn in rishus harabim on shabbos?

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