Quiz – Siman 92

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 092

During Shabbos mincha, Reuven (age 50)began feeling a very strong pain around his heart. His friend, Shimon, noticed and decided that an ambulance should be called. On his way to the shul's office he saw Bob, the Shabbos goy, walking around the lobby...

Reuven (a new medical student) also began feeling a very strong pain around his heart during mincha, and eventually fainted. Levi the doctor did a check up in the shul, and decided the Reuven was not in life-threatening danger. To everyone's dismay, Reuven began whispering a list of natural medicines which happened to have been growing on the shul's front lawn, and then whispered "grind them and feed them to me, or else I will die". Levi thought about it for a few minutes, and announced to the shul that it will probably kill Reuven rather than cure him....

On Shabbos, Zevulun began coughing furiously and looked yellow. Levi, the local doctor, announced that if someone heats up a cup of water and pours it on Zevulun's diaphragm, he may live - otherwise he will die. What should be done?

On Shabbos, blood began dripping from inside Naftali's mouth. Nobody knew why he was bleeding. May Levi violate the Shabbos (if necessary) to get Naftali a cloth to push against the wound in his mouth?

Reuven Cohen became extremely ill on Friday night, and was flown to Honolulu to be treated. The doctors said that he must eat a fresh steak to be cured. Mr. Cohen (a shochet) should...

Mr. Gross, a critically ill patient at Sinai Hospital, had freshly heated water (needed to take his special medicine) delivered to him on Shabbos. After he took his medicine, there was some hot water left over. May his son (who was keeping him company over Shabbos) drink some of the hot water on Shabbos?

On Shabbos, Berel was persuaded by a priest to convert to a different religion. His good friend, Shmerel, thinks that if he rides his horse quickly to Berel  (within a karmelis), he might be able to persuade him to remain a religous Jew. May Shmerel ride his horse out to Berel on Shabbos?

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