Quiz – Siman 11

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 011

Which of the following doorways is not obligated in mezuzah?

If one affixed a mezuzah to the wrong side of a doorway, he:

Shimon owns a duplex house (each side has its own entrance), and uses both sides equally. There is a doorway connecting the two sides of the house together. Where should Shimon affix the mezuzah?

Which of the following is the most ideal place to affix a mezuzah on a 15 tefach high doorpost?

If a mezuzah falls off a doorpost and you reaffix it:

A round room which has a total area of 4 amos by 4 amos:

If a room's entrance has only one doorpost on its right side, one may:

If a doorway has no door, what should one do?

True or False: If there are supportive pillars places on the ends of the open side of a 3-walled porch, the porch is obligated in mezuzah.

If a house has 5 hallways (each separated by a door) leading into it:

If a room with a mezuzah is occasionally used to bathe in, one must:

A house which is being rented outside of eretz yisrael is not obligated in mezuzah for the first 30 days because:

What may one's punishment be (chas v'shalom) for not fulfilling the obligation of mezuzah?

An individual's mezuzah should be checked:

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