Quiz – Siman 18

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 018

A person may always daven Shemoneh Esrei

One should ready himself for Shemoneh Esrei

After saying גאל ושראל during Shacharis it is doubtful if one can answer to

TRUE OR FALSE: The rules of responding afterגאל ישראל of Ma’ariv are the same as the rules of responding after גאל ישראל for Shacharis 

One says אקרא וכו ‘כי שם ה

The following apply to Shemoneh Esrei

When davening Shemoneh Esrei one should try to make sure that…

TRUE OR FALSE: One may pray in front of a mirror if he closes his eyes

If one's tallis

During Shemoneh Esrei

If a sefer fell down while he was in the middle of Shemoneh Esrei

f) He may pick it up between blessings if it disturbs his davening

TRUE OR FALSE: All things one is prohibited to do during Shoneh Esrei are forbidden until he reaches אלקי נצור

If you start Shemoneh Esrei davening away from theLandofIsrael

The following apply to bowing during Shemoneh Esrei

TRUE OR FALSE: An old person does not have to do anything for מודים

When concluding Shemoneh Esrei

After finishing Shemoneh Esrei

A person praying Shemoneh Esrei privately

If a person hears Borchu while he is davening Shemoneh Esrei

TRUE OR FALSE: One should say יהיו לרצון before saying אלקי נצור and then say it a 2nd time after אלקי נצור

Which is true?

If one has to pass gas while in the middle of Shemoneh Esrei


All agree, if someone is davening Shemoneh Esrei

If someone started Shemoneh Esrei within 4 amos of someone who was already sitting

A person who completed Shemoneh Esrei

directly behind him

TRUE OR FALSE: A person who is drunk may never daven Shemoneh Esrei

A person who is drunk

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