Quiz – Siman 80

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 080

For a Jew to snip off the burnt tip of a wick is:

On a particularly windy day your Shabbos candles were flickering a lot, and you wanted to close the window. You suspected that the change in pressure from closing the window might cause the candle to extinguish. Was it permitted to close the window?

May one ideally add sugar to a boiling hot liquid in a kli sheini?

Is it permitted to put bread in your too-hot-to-eat soup which is in a kli sheini?

May one place a solid food in a place where it could cook, just long enough for it to become warm?

May a person place a cold food inside of a warming-oven?

May one wrap a hot food on Shabbos in a wrapping which merely preserves hear?

If one wants to make a vinegar and horseradish mixture on Shabbos, he may not:

It was Shabbos, and Adam was walking by a public apple tree and saw an apple on the ground. He was not sure if the apple fell on Shabbos or before Shabbos. May Adam eat the apple?

Adam had many apples (which fell before Shabbos) scattered around his backyard. May he gather them into a basket on Shabbos?

May one remove peas from their pods on Shabbos?

May one suck the juice from a grapefruit on Shabbos?

May one squeeze the juice out of a pickle before eating it?

May a woman pump milk into a cup on Shabbos?

May one smash ice cubes to use its water?

May one peel oranges shabbos morning to eat them on late shabbos afternoon?

On shabbos, may one drink dirty water through a cloth (so that t he cloth filters the water during the drinking process)?

Adam loves Turkish coffee. After soaking the ground coffee in his cup for a few minutes, he likes to pour the coffee into a different cup to drink (so that the ground coffee won't mix in with his drink). May Adam pour the liquid into a second cup without leaving any liquid in the first cup, thereby leaving all the ground coffee in the first cup?

May one dip onion into salt (to soften the sharpness of the onion) directly before eating the onion?

May one press pieces of food together to make it look pretty on a platter for on shabbos?

May one dry dishes on shabbos?

May one have his non-Jewish worker place potato kugel above the oven, before stoking the coals to heat up the house?

May one use a sponge on Shabbos?

Could the issur of "kibbus" apply to drying one's hands on a towel?

Late on Shabbos night, Yitzchak realized that he shouldn't leave his pitcher of water uncovered overnight. He decided to grab one of his undershirts to cover the pitcher with. Was that permitted?

After walking home from shul on a very rainy Shabbos night, Avraham removed his favorite shirt which became soaked with water, and places it on the floor of the closet. May Avraham now move the shirt from the closet to his bedroom?

May Avraham wear that shirt next to a powerful heater to dry it off?

Upon walking to a friend's house Yankel approached a wide river. Should Yankel jump over it or walk around it?

If all of one's clothing is securely fastened, may one walk through a river on Shabbos?

May one shake the snow off his black suit on Shabbos?

If one has dirt on his shoe - in ascending order or preference, with what should one clean the dirt off with?

May on put turmeric in his food to color it yellow?

May one tie his shoes with a double-bow on shabbos?

If a tailor placed temporary stitches into one's clothing, may one remove those stitches on shabbos?

If two pages of a book were stuck together, may one push the pages apart, thereby breaking the adhesive?

May one grab a mosquito on Shabbos?

Avraham just placed a trash bag in the dumpster outside of his home. Before closing the lid of the dumpster he saw many flies inside the dumpster. What should Avraham do?

May one manually remove a partially detached piece of fingernail from one's finger on Shabbos?

Two days ago, Yitzchak bought fresh raw meat which has not yet been salted, and its third day falls out on shabbos. What should Yitzchak do to prevent the meat from becoming forbidden?

May one cut/sharpen fragrant wood to use as a toothpick?

If one finds a basket hanging from a tree branch:

If one finds a basket hanging from a peg which was inserted into a tree:

May one move a undamaged wooden flower pot (with flowers in it) from above the ground to one's shabbos table?

May one remove wax from on top of a letter in a book?

May one break letters on a cake?

If the page-edges of a book have letters printer on them, so that when one closes the book he forms letters, may one close the book on Shabbos?

May a Jew walk into a store on Shabbos and say, "Please fill this bowl until here, and tomorrow we'll weigh it"?

May one use a door which is disconnected from its hinge (yet tied to the doorpost), whereby one must lift and insert the door into the doorway upon entering and exiting?

May a person plug up a hole in his wall with his clothing?

May one sweep a floor with a broom on Shabbos?

Which of the following may one make on Shabbos? 

May one cover an average crib with a sheet on Shabbos?

May one carry around a pre-opened umbrella on a rainy Shabbos day?

May a person remove his suit from a dry cleaner's suit press?

May one clap hands to calm a crying baby on Shabbos?

May one clap hands to shoo away animals from his garden on Shabbos?

May one pour water AROUND a fire which has taken hold of a blanket?

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