Quiz – Siman 15

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 015

TRUE OR FALSE: In order to say the Kaddish after Yishtabach there needs to be 10 men from the time the שליח צבור is about to say Kaddish.

TRUE OR FALSE: If Shlomo was born on the 10th of אדר and during his bar mitzvah year there are 2 Adars then his bar mitzvah is on the 10th of the 1st Adar 

In which case is it possible for one who is born later to have his bar mitzvah first

 Is one allowed to count how many Jews are assembled to see if there is a minyan

TRUE OR FALSE: A person should say אמן יהא שמה רבא וכו as loud as possible

The שליח צבור should not say Kaddish if there are only 10 people present and __ of them are davening שמונה עשרה

True or False: The שליח צבור may say Kaddish if there are only 10 people present and one of them is sleeping

TRUE OR FALSE: If one did not hear the שליח צבור say ברכו then he may not respond ברוך הוא וברוך שמו

TRUE OR FALSE: One should try to say the קדושה in ברכת קריאת שמע with the congregation

If there are 10 people at the beginning of the Repetition of Shemoneh Esrei and some leave

TRUE OR FALSE: The שליח צבור must have a pleasant voice

TRUE OR FALSE: One should not answer Amen if the שליח צבור assumed the position by force

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