Quiz – Siman 14

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 014

From ברוך שאמר it is forbidden to __


When you say ברוך שאמר you should __

A person has to be careful not to touch __ while davening

If one touches a part of his body which is normally covered ___

He should stand for ___

מזמור לתודה is not said on __

Which of the following must one say before davening שמונה עשרה?

Which of the following can you say after davening שמונה עשרה?

If a person has extra time he should first say ___ and then he should say ___

a) הללוקה הללו אל בקדשו-The 5th one

b) הללוקה הללו את השם מן השמים-The 4th one

TRUE OR FALSE: A person should skip all parts of davening in order to daven שמונה עשרה with the congregation

If a person does not get his tallis and tefillin until he has already started פסוקי דזמרה when should he put them on?

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