Quiz – Siman 12

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 012

TRUE OR FALSE: One may pray in his pajamas if he is davening at home

Before davening one should

If one has to go to the bathroom

A person who expects that he will pass gas during his prayers

Washing ones hands before davening

If one is traveling and he comes to a place where there is no minyan he must travel to a minyan if

TRUE OR FALSE: A beis medrash is designated only for the study of Torah and not for prayer

One should do the following (choose all that apply):









TRUE OR FALSE: If someone is unable to go to shul to pray he does not need to make an effort to get a minyan to daven at his home 

TRUE OR FALSE: One who cannot daven with a minyan should daven as the same time as the congregation is praying

TRUE OR FALSE: It is better to daven with a minyan after the time of prayer than to daven without a minyan while it is still the time of prayer

One who finds it difficult to wait to eat:

TRUE OR FALSE: The residents of a city can force each other to build a synagogue

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