Quiz – Siman 40

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 040

What is the halacha for one who is about to eat a k'zayis of bread?

May one wash with a vessel which cannot stand up on its own?

May one ideally wash his hands from an average 2-liter soda bottle?

What is the minimal amount of times one must wash his hands before a seudah?

What is the proper order of events regarding washing one's hands?

If one washes his hands, and after reciting the beracha someone else touches his hand, what should he do?

With which of the following may one not use to wash his hands in pressing times?

May one use clear water with which he washed dishes, to wash his hands before a seudah?

May one use water that is very mildly salty to wash his hands before a seudah?

May one wash his hands before a seudah if there is paint on them?

May a person remove a plug off of the bottom of a barrel, and wash his hands under the continuous flow of the water which come out of the barrel?

How far must one travel to obtain water to wash his hands for a seudah?

If a person just went to the bathroom, and is about to eat bread, how should he go about washing his hands?

What should a person do if he scratches his head during a meal?

Sir Avi the 3rd would like to dip eat a tea biscuit dipped in tea - must he wash his hands?

Which one of the following is not one of the seven liquids?

Must one wash his hands to eat honey-coated fruit?

Must one wash to eat pancakes dipped into honey?

Must one wash to eat a cookie dipped into melted butter?

Must one wash to eat celery dipped in sea salt?

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