Quiz – Siman 42

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 042

One who has animals…

Which of the following are true?

It is a proper custom to…

In which situation/s should Shimon wait for Yehuda to start/continue eating before he eats?

Is one allowed to use bread as a spoon

May one throw food?

 Which of the following are true?

One who is drinking ____ should not drink facing the public

TRUE OR FALSE: One should not stare at the portion that is before someone

TRUE OR FALSE: It can be harmful for someone to see a food in front of him that he desires, and not eat from it

TRUE OR FALSE: One may give food to anyone

When may a woman drink wine?

May guests take the food that is before them and give it to the son of the host

TRUE OR FALSE: One may eat at a meal when the host does not have enough to eat himself if he was invited

The following apply to Bircas HaMazon

If one took a long nap before he said ברכת המזון

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