Quiz – Siman 70

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 070

Is it more preferable to daven ma'ariv after tzais than after plag?

When is the earliest time an individual may daven ma'ariv?

When is the lastest one may daven ma'ariv?

If an individual enters a shul to daven ma'ariv (before tzais) and finds the congregation already davening the sh'moneh esrei of ma'ariv, what should he do (in a situation where he wont be able to daven with a minyan later)?

If one enters a shul to daven ma'ariv before tzais, and finds the congregation saying "V'emuna kol zos v'kayam aleinu....", what could he do?

May the gabbai announce "Ya'aleh V'yavo!" before beginning the sh'moneh esrei of ma'ariv?

Must a person wait for his friend to finish davening ma'ariv before exiting shul?

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