Quiz – Siman 155

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 155

Shaindel had a period on the 1st of Tishrei. Tishrei had 30 days in it. When is Shaindel's Onah Beinonis?

Shaindel doesn't have a veses kavua. She had a period on the 1st day of Iyyar and on the 25th of Iyyar. Iyyar has 29 days in it. On which days does she have to separate from her husband (assuming she hasn't seen blood in the interim)?

Shprintza has a veses kavua to see blood every 25 days. She last saw blood on the 1st of Iyyar (a 29 day month). Shprintza was very surprised to see blood the next time on the 29th of Iyyar (she expected to see blood on the 26th). When does Shprintza have to separate from her husband?

Miriam does not have a veses kavua, and saw blood on the 1st of Teves. She separated from her husband on the 2nd of Shvat for the veses beinonis. Miriam wasn't feeling well, so she waited to check herself for blood until late in the afternoon, and only after taking a relaxing, hot bath. Time flew by in the bathtub, and she ended up checking herself for blood on the 3rd of Shvat, finding no blood.   Miriam is....

Sarah has a veses hamarkav to see blood after yawning on the 23rd of each month. For the next two months, she saw blood on the 23rd without her yawning. The next month she saw blood on the 24th, without yawning. Does Sarah still have her veses hamarkav for seeing blood on the 23rd after yawning?

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