Quiz – Siman 153

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 153

A husband who lovingly touched his niddah wife is chayav....

If a woman feels that her uterus opened, and after checking several times found no blood, is....

Which of the following is a permitted interaction between a niddah and her husband?

Is the mere separation of a niddah's and her husband's plates enough to allow them to eat at the same table?

May a niddah drink the leftovers from her husband's cup?

May a husband eat from a niddah's leftover food?

May a niddah and her husband sit on a rickety bench?

Normally, a niddah's husband may pleasurably stare at his wife's...

The following scenario(s) is permitted:

Under what circumstances may a niddah's husband attend to his sick wife?

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