Quiz – Siman 110

Welcome to your Kitzur Quiz - Siman 110

Ideally, how may an oven once used for chametz be prepared to bake matzah?

May one bake matzos opposite an open window when the sun is not shining through it?

Yisrael was kneading matzah dough and was shocked to find a cracked wheat kernel inside the dough! What should Yisrael do?

Which position in the matzah baking process requires a uniquely higher amount of yiras shamayim?

If one found a matzah which was folded over itself, what must he do?

Yitzchak was baking matzah but forgot to check to make sure the matzah was baked enough before putting it in a box for pesach. During the seder, he remembered that he forgot to check how baked the matzah was, and isn't sure if it was raw enough to continue leavening before it dried out. What should he do?

Who may we rely on to bake the matzos of the seder?

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